Ultra fine talc powder- filler for polyvinyl chloride

Filling polyvinyl chloride with ordinary powder has been very commonly used, such as manufacturing rigid polyvinyl chloride pipes, the filling amount reaches 40%. However, the tensile strength and impact strength of polyvinyl chloride filled with powder must be reduced.

For example: when powder is added to 100 parts of polyvinyl chloride, the tensile strength decreases from 252 kg / cm2 to 215 kg / cm2 when added to 7.3 volume parts; the tensile strength decreases from 252 kg / cm2 when added to 13.5 volume parts 204kg / cm2; When added to 35 parts by volume, the tensile strength decreases to 150kg / cm2.

However, if the added powder particles become smaller (such as 5 microns, 2500 mesh), when added to 40-45% by volume, it can be found that the yield strength of the material is even higher than the original breaking strength. Flaky talc powder with an average particle size of 5 microns (2500 mesh) can show a reinforcing effect on polyvinyl chloride systems even at high contents. For impact strength, the addition of ultra-fine talc powder, the notched impact strength does not decrease within 15% by weight, the notched impact strength decreases, and the disturbance modulus can be significantly increased. However, ultra-fine powders have a very significant reinforcing effect on polyvinyl chloride systems such as PVC / CPE and PVC / ABS systems with added toughening agents. For example, in the PVC / ABS (= 100/8) system, when adding ultra-fine calcium carbonate, when adding 5 parts, the notched impact strength of the material increases from 10kg / cm2 to 25kg / cm2, and the tensile strength ranges from 29kg / cm2 to 28kg / cm2. When 10 parts were added, the notched impact strength increased from 10 kg / cm2 to 33 kg / cm2, and the tensile strength remained at 28 kg / cm2.

Clirik Machinery provides you with professional talc power making machine. HGM ultra-fine talc powder making machine can produce micro talcum powder within 3000 mesh, which absolutely can be the good choice to fill polyvinyl chloride.

ultra fine talc powder making machine

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