Ultra fine talcum powder used in ABS resin and polystyrene resin

Application in ABS resin

The ultrafine talcum powder masterbatch manufactured by special method has good dispersibility and uniformity when added to plastic.

ABS resin is an amorphous polymer with excellent molding processability like polystyrene; it has good impact strength, good low temperature resistance, high tensile strength and creep resistance, and can withstand loads of 7Mpa without changing the size. Therefore, it is used to injection molding various housings of various instruments, televisions, tape recorders, mobile phones, etc., of course, in other fields such as textile equipment, electrical parts, automobile parts, aircraft parts and the like.

However, people do not meet the existing performance of ABS, and extensive research on ABS modification has been published. For example, ABS and PVC blended automobile instrument panel blister sheet, ABS and PVC blended leather bag hood mask, not only high strength, high toughness and can maintain the durability of the surface pattern.

The addition of ultrafine calcium carbonate or ultrafine talc powder to the blend material can significantly improve the notched impact strength and tear strength of the blended material, such as: adding 5-15% of ultrafine calcium carbonate, notched impact The strength can be increased by 2-4 times. Since ABS is an amorphous polymer, it has a function of accommodating more filler. The addition of ultrafine talc masterbatch can significantly improve the original performance of ABS while reducing costs.

Application in polystyrene resin:

Unmodified general-purpose polystyrene is an amorphous polymer which is hard and brittle, but it has good electrical properties, aging resistance and high dimensional stability. The disadvantage is high brittleness and sensitivity to environmental stress cracking.

The addition of ultrafine talcum powder masterbatch can improve the impact toughness, adjust the rheology, significantly improve the modulus of flexion, and improve the tensile yield strength. For example, adding 40% ultrafine talcum powder masterbatch, the disturbing modulus increases from 2,800 kg/cm2 to 58800 kg/cm2, and the tensile strength increases from 336 kg/cm2 to 385 kg/cm2.

Talc ultrafine powder processing equipment: HGM series ultra-fine ring roller mill

Grinding material particles: ≤25mm

Machine power: 55-315KW

Production capacity: 0.4-30t/h

Finished product size: 150-2500 mesh

Scope of application: Widely used in the production and life of electric power, metallurgy, cement, chemical, building materials, coatings, paper, rubber, medicine, food, etc.

Applicable materials: High-yield and high-efficiency grinding ability for various non-metallic mineral materials with Mohs hardness below 7 and humidity below 6%, such as talc, calcite, calcium carbonate, dolomite, potassium feldspar, bentonite, kaolin , graphite, carbon, fluorite, brucite and other grinding effects.

Performance advantage: The mill is an ultra-fine talcum powder processing equipment, with small footprint, complete set, wide application, simple operation, convenient maintenance, stable performance and high cost performance. It is an economical and practical ultra-fine powder processing equipment.

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