Putty powder superfine mill

Putty powder is a kind of building decoration material, and its main component is talcum powder and glue. Putty powder is commonly used for interior and exterior walls. The outer wall putty powder should resist the wind and the sun, so the glue is large, the strength is high, and the environmental protection index is slightly lower. The internal wall putty powder has a good comprehensive index, which is healthy and environmentally friendly. Putty powder is usually gypsum or cement based, so that the surface is rough and makes it easier to bond firmly. However, during the construction, it is necessary to apply a layer of interfacial agent on the base layer to seal the base layer and improve the adhesion of the wall surface, so that the putty powder can be better bonded to the base surface.

It is formulated with a small amount of paint base, a large amount of filler and an appropriate amount of coloring pigment. The pigments used are mainly iron red, carbon black, chrome yellow and the like. The filler is mainly calcium carbonate and talc.

Internal wall water-resistant putty: heavy calcium (or talcum powder) 70% ~ 80%, gray calcium (lime powder) 20% ~ 30%, plus fiber appropriate amount of cellulose.

Exterior wall water-resistant putty: stone powder + gray calcium + cement + cellulose + rubber powder (EVA, PVA).

Our company can offer you with ultra fine talcum powder making machine.

Putty powder superfine mill( Ultra fine talcum powder making machine) product advantage

  1. It has the advantages of high fineness, high output, low energy consumption and low investment. The crushing capacity of the HCH ultra-fine ring roll mill is more than double that of similar equipment.
  2. The equipment system can achieve the two processes of ultra-fine pulverization and super-segmentation at the same time.
  3. The fineness of the finished product is arbitrarily adjusted between 0.04-0.005mm (400-2500 mesh).
  4. Environmentally friendly production: equipment operation noise is small, dust removal efficiency is high, no dust pollution.

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