Application of talc in polyethylene resin

Talc is a natural magnesium silicate with four particle types: fibrous, layered, needle-like and standard (frozen). But only the layer is applied industrially.

The layered sandwich structure of talc, each layer has a certain degree of water resistance and a high degree of chemical inertness, so it has good chemical resistance and slidability. It can be used as an engineering plastic with polyethylene. It has good chemical resistance and fluidity and can compete with ABS, nylon and polycarbonate. Filling polyethylene with it can improve the following properties: increase toughness, flexural modulus and twist modulus; increase flexural strength; reduce creep tendency at normal temperature and high temperature; increase thermal transition temperature and dimensional stability; improve deformation And warpage, but also has a low coefficient of thermal expansion; improve thermal conductivity; improve the surface hardness and smoothness of molded parts; improve the mechanical strength of polyethylene. For example, filling the injection-grade high-density polyethylene composite with superfine talc powder (1250 mesh, 2500 mesh) masterbatch, in addition to the above-mentioned performance is significantly improved, the tensile strength of the composite material increases, increased to 10% when added The maximum value, the original strength can be maintained when 30% is added, and the impact strength is slightly increased.

For polyethylene blown film, the superfine talc powder masterbatch is better than other fillers, easy to form and has good processability. Moreover, the film can reduce the oxygen transmission rate by 80%, and is particularly suitable for packaging oily foods, such as peanuts, broad beans, etc., and does not leave oil for a long time, and does not deteriorate: the film can reduce the water vapor transmission rate by 70%. It has good moisture resistance and is suitable for underground geotextile moisture-proof cloth. It is also suitable for packaging foods such as ham, sausage, cheese and so on.

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