PC talc hammer crusher

The talc hammer crusher absorbs advanced technology at home and abroad and integrates similar crusher technology at home and abroad. It has the advantages of high crushing efficiency, large crushing ratio, less wear, stable work, low energy consumption and convenient external repair. Energy-saving crushing equipment.

Advantages of talc hammer crusher

  1. The transmission parts are processed by CNC and tempered, and the toughness is higher.
  2. The hammer plate is processed with high-grade materials, and the surface is more wear-resistant after surfacing.
  3. The hammer head is made of pure high-chromium alloy material, which has better tensile strength and wear resistance.
  4. The sieve plate and the guard plate adopt a new design concept, which is stronger in impact resistance and wear resistance.

How does the talc hammer crusher work?

The material of the feeding hopper is evenly fed by the self-weight of the material. During the free fall process, the hammer is impacted by the upper layer running at high speed, the material is hit against the counterattack plate, and the counter-attack plate rebounds the material to the hammer head, with the weight of the material. The collision between the hammer head and the counterattack plate, the collision between the material and the material causes the material to be pulverized, and the pulverized material is discharged from the bottom of the hopper by the bottom discharge hopper.

Installation points

  1. In order to avoid strong vibration, the mine hammer crusher should be installed on the concrete foundation. In addition, in order to reduce vibration and noise, a hardwood mat, rubber band or other cushioning material is placed between the equipment and the concrete.
  2. The mechanical elevation error should not exceed 0.5 mm; the center position error should not exceed 0.2 mm.
  3. The lower part of the mine hammer crushing frame should be hardwood, so that the whole body is kept horizontal, and the horizontal error should not exceed 0.2mm.
  4. When installing, pay attention to correcting the motor pulley and the hammer crusher pulley to each other. Protective equipment such as protective covers and overload protectors are also required.

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