Application of talc in polypropylene resin

Talc is often used to fill polypropylene. Talc has a sheet-like structural feature of a sheet configuration. Therefore, finer talc powder can be used as a reinforcing filler for polypropylene. In the modified system of polypropylene, the addition of ultrafine talcum powder masterbatch can not only significantly improve the rigidity, surface hardness, heat creep resistance, electrical insulation, dimensional stability of polypropylene products, but also improve the polypropylene. Impact strength. Adding a small amount of talc powder to polypropylene can also act as a nucleating agent, improve the crystallinity of the polypropylene, thereby improving the mechanical properties of the polypropylene, and improving the crystallinity and refining the crystal grains. The transparency of polypropylene. Polypropylene composites filled with 20% and 40% ultrafine talc powder can significantly improve the rigidity of polypropylene and the creep resistance at high temperatures, both at room temperature and high temperature. For example, the polypropylene flexural modulus of adding 40% ultrafine talc masterbatch can be increased from 16100kg/cm2 to 42000kg/cm2, and the heat distortion temperature is increased from 62°C (1.82Mpa force) to 88°C or from 121°C. (0.45Mpa force) increased to 147 °C. For electrical components, the dielectric constant is increased from 1.9 to 2.4, and the arc resistance is extended from immediate melting to 140 seconds. Therefore, in the automotive industry, polypropylene-added talc masterbatch composites are used in fan covers, heater covers, ducts, battery heat shields, fluid pump parts, etc.; in the aircraft industry, for refrigerator door gaskets , heater and vacuum pump cover, washing machine agitator; in the electrical industry, for injection molding various instrument housings and electrical components.

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