Application of talc powder in coatings

Talc is a water-containing magnesium silicate mineral. It is soft and smooth. It is generally in the form of massive, leafy, fibrous or radial. It is widely used in cosmetics, paints – paints, paper, plastics, rubber, cables, ceramics. , waterproof materials, refractory materials, lubricants, pesticide absorbents and engraving materials.

Talc powder can be divided into:

Ground talc powder: sieved with a test sieve, and the test sieve has a pore diameter of 1000 μm-38 μm and a talc powder with a pass rate of 90% or more;

Fine talcum powder: talc powder with a cumulative content of 90% or more and a particle size of 30 μm or less;

Ultra fine talc powder: talc powder with a cumulative content of 90% or more having a particle size of 10 μm or less as measured by an instrument.

Talc powder is soft, low in abrasiveness, and has high whiteness, good suspension and dispersibility. It can be used in white body pigments and various water-based, oil-based, resin-based industrial coatings, primers, protective varnishes, etc. .

1.From the talc structure

The talc powder with flake-like particle structure can make the coating film have high water resistance and enamel impermeability, and is mainly applied to primers and intermediate coatings.

The talc powder with fibrous particle structure has high oil absorption and good rheology, which improves the storage stability of the coating. It can improve the rheology and leveling of the coating, and weather resistance.

2.From the talc size

The coarser grade talc is used in some paint films that require roughening, such as the inner wall primer intermediate layer and the marking paint; the ultra fine talc powder is used to control the gloss, consistency and sag of the semi-photomagnetic paint;

In addition to improving the film properties, the fine-grade and ultra-fine-grade talc powder also has a spatial separation capability, which can partially replace pigments such as TiO2.

Ultra fine talcum powder grinding machine

HGM ultra fine talc grinding mill is usually known as its 200-2500 mesh finished powder. This is a general data. Let’s put this in another way. As for its finished powder sieving rate, the powder size is about 3μm according to D50. There are also other references. You can contact us for more data information.

HGM ultra fine talc grinding mill has been exported to several countries like India and Australia. Talcum powder usage cannot be separated with the ultra fine grinding machine.

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