Clirik Wish all of you a Happy New Year

Yesterday, January 1, 2019, is the beginning of this year.

Here, Clirik Machinery Co.,Ltd wish all of you a happy new year.

We believed that all of you have both joys and regrets in the whole 2018. In the past year, we meet many clients from different countries. We have met many new friends, and also have learnt a lot from them. You must be curious about what we learn from our clients.

First, we are the stone grinding mill manufacturer. People who have never heard of this machine may get confused. If you like, you can call it stone pulverizer or stone powder making machine. Our machine can be applied in processing about 200 kinds of ores such as limestone, calcite, talc, dolomite, phosphate and so on.

So, what do we learn from our clients?

Big machine like ours is not easy to install. We have to design and make a little change of our machine according to customer’s location. This is very important. So, we have gained many new experiences in the last year.

What do you get in the past year?

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