Talcum powder Raymond mill

Talcum powder can be divided into many types according to its different application fields. The first is chemical grade. This kind of talc powder has high whiteness, uniform particle size and strong dispersibility. It is mainly used in rubber, plastic, paint and other chemical industries. Adding talcum powder to these can improve the shape stability of the products. The second is ceramic grade. This talcum powder is mainly used in the manufacture of high frequency porcelain, wireless electromagnetic and household ceramics. The third is the cosmetic grade we are familiar with. Because talc has a large amount of silicon, it is used for filling cosmetics. The silicon is not absorbed by the skin, but provides immediate benefits, including smoothing, smoothing pores and wrinkles. In addition, the talcum powder also has effect on the tensile and flexural properties of PP modified material. Talcum powder is a good modifier of polypropylene, which can greatly improve the rigidity of products.

Raymond mill is mainly used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining and other industries. Raymond mill has stable performance, high pulverizing efficiency and low noise. For customers who produce talcum powder, talc Raymond mill is a good choice. During the operation of high pressure Raymond mill, gear transmission failure is one of the common faults. In the operation of the mill, if the dust particles have a great influence, the gear will be seriously polluted, thus affecting its work. Or there are some problems such as inappropriate addition of lubricating oil in gear transmission parts, serious pollution of lubricating oil and so on, resulting in the failure of high-pressure Raymond mill gear transmission. After a period of operation of the gear transmission, the axis of the pinion gear and the axis of the Raymond mill classification roller may become non-parallel, resulting in gear meshing into local contact. If the force on the whole gear width is not uniform, it is easy to cause bending and torsion deformation of the gear shaft.

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