Why do we use talc to replace natural fiber in paper-making industry?

Some non-metallic minerals can be used for paper making after mechanical milling and chemical processing. Why do we choose these mineral materials for the paper making industry? First of all, some non-metallic mineral materials have their own physical and chemical properties, which are not possessed by natural fibers. Second, it can reduce production costs. Moreover, the use of these non-metallic mineral resources can alleviate the pressure of over exploitation of forests and other resources.

There are about 80 kinds of non-metallic mineral materials used in the paper industry, talc is one of them. According to different processing methods, functional mineral powder materials can be divided into natural grinding mineral powder and modified mineral powder. Natural mineral powders exhibit different physical and chemical properties due to their different crystal and molecular structures, thus giving paper special physical and chemical properties. Compared with natural mineral powders, modified mineral powders have higher surface activity, larger specific surface area and pore structure, which can improve the functional properties of paper.

As a functional powder material, talc is mainly used to control harmful anion solutes and colloids in paper pulp and white water. When talcum is used as paper making pigment, the smoothness of paper coating can be improved. The talc is very inert and does not disturb the chemical balance of the pulp system. It is not affected by changes in pH, temperature and shear stress.

Talc grinding machine or talcum powder making machine, is of great importance in its wide usage. The most common talcum powder making machine is Raymond mill. This machine has a reputation for its stable running and rich experience over the years. However, this machine also has its deficiency. If the customers want to get the high-fineness powder, then the talc Raymond mill is not enough. Talc ultra-fine grinding machine can completely make up this.

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