Introduction of talcum powder surface modification

1.Talcum powder as inorganic filler

Talcum powder has good filling property. It can improve the rigidity, dimensional stability and lubricity of products. In addition, talcum powder can prevent creep at high temperature and reduce wear of molding machinery. The filling of talc powder can improve the hardness and creep resistance of polymer, and improve the thermal shock resistance of polymer.

As inorganic filler, talcum powder and organic polymer materials are quite different in nature. The compatibility of talc powder is poor. In order to expand its application field, it is necessary to modify the surface of talc powder. Talc is the most common polypropylene filler, and its particle shape is flat. Pure talc contains sulfur dioxide and Magnesium Oxide. The size of talc varies, and its shape depends on its lamellae.

The talc forms a layered structure under the action of vavan der Waals’ forces. Under the impact of external force, the gap between the adjacent slices of the talc will expand and separate from each other, resulting in soft talc powder.

2.Modification of talcum powder

Modification is divided into two ways: physical modification and chemical modification. By modification, the form or nature of matter changes. At present, there are mainly two kinds of modifiers used in talc powder: one is coupling agent, including titanium aluminate lipids, aluminate lipids, silanes and stearic acids; the other is surfactant, mainly refers to sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate, sodium dodecyl sulfonate, dodecyl trimethyl ammonium bromide, dodecyl trimethyl chloride. Sodium alkylsulfonate and so on.

There are many ways to modify the powder. Two items will be listed here.

The first is surface coverage modification. This method is that using surfactants to cover the surface of particles, giving them new properties. The second is mechanochemical methods. This method is to reduce the larger particles by crushing. During this process, the surface activity of particles will increase.

3.Talcum powder surface modification machine

Talcum powder surface coating machine produced by our company is composed of hopper, conveying device, agent adding system with temperature control, cyclone dust collector and its main body. The powder surface treatment is mainly completed by means of three modifying rollers. The dry powder and dosed agent are put into the modifying rollers simultaneously. With high speed rotation, the powder and agent is running in the form of fluidizing vortex. The modification is going on with the heat generated by high speed shearing, colliding and friction between the rotor and stator.

  • Talcum powder surface modification machine 

4.Talcum powder grinding machine

Actually, the talcum powder surface coating machine is an auxiliary equipment in our talcum powder grinding machine. In the whole talc processing plant, there are actually three parts. The first part is crushing. In this stage, jaw crusher and hammer crusher can be chosen. The second stage is grinding. As inorganic filler, it is suggested that the ultra-fine talc grinding machine can work better.  The third part refers to the talcum powder packing machine. This machine adopts the technology of electronically automatic measurement, variable-feed and frequency-converted method.

  • Talcum powder grinding machine
  • talc grinding mill
  • Talcum powder packing machine

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