Black talc with our ultra-fine grinding machine

Black talc is a general term for black, gray and black talc. The organic matter in talc is the main reason why it is black. Talc content in black talc is more than 92%, and there are about 5% quartz and 2% organic matter in talc. Most of the crystals of black talc are in flake configuration. When they are broken, they are easy to produce sheet-like particles. When they are formed, they are aligned along the direction of extrusion.

Because of the low whiteness of black talc, it can not be widely applied. But it can be used in ceramics, rubber and other industries. There is no doubt that the application of white talc is very wide, and its utilization technology is also more mature. White talc can bring convenience to ceramic processing and making. It can reduce the sintering temperature of ceramics, enlarge the sintering range, and improve the transparency and whiteness of products. The ceramics added with talc have high mechanical strength and strong insulation performance.

However, the whiteness of black talc can also be improved, and calcination is an effective method. Then after being grinded by talc ultra-fine grinding machine, the high-quality micro talcum powder with high whiteness could be obtained. The raw ore of black talc is mainly used for making green bodies of general ceramics, and the calcined white talc is used for making high-grade ceramics.

The main reason of talc in black is that it contains certain organic carbon. When the black talc is heated to 700 degrees Celsius, the carbon will basically disappear, and the whiteness of the black talc will increase to about 70 degree; when it is heated to 900 degrees Celsius, the whiteness will reach more than 90 degrees. The compressive strength of the ceramics with black talc is slightly lower than that of the ceramics with white talc, but don’t worry, it also meets the industry standards.

Talc ultra-fine grinding machine is an indispensable equipment for the application of talc (black talc). If you have focused on our company, it can be found that this machine is the most important machine produced by us.

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