Talc Powder Grinding Mill in Stone Powder Production Line

Stone Powder Production Line

Stone Powder Production Line is a complete set of equipment for the production of stone powder, including stone crusher, (if the materials has a large size there need a primary crusher), stone lumps conveyor, silo, elevator, powder grinding mill, dust collector, powder packing machine, powder coating machine and so on. And the powder grinding mill is the most important machines in the complete stone powder production line, take talc powder making as as example, the talc lumps will become into the talc powder in the talc powder grinding mill.

Talc Powder Grinding Mill

Talc Powder Grinding Mill is one of powder making machines which is suitable for talc powder grinding, generally speaking, the finish powder fineness made by talc powder grinding mill can be adjusted between 300 mesh to 2500 mesh, and according to your different demand about the finial powder fineness, the capacity is also different, the maximum capacity of talc powder grinding mill can up to 45 tons per hour.

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