Seven Advantages of Talc Raymond Mill

As other talc powder making machines, the talc Raymond mill is one of the high efficient talc powder grinding mills, compare with other talc powder grinding mills, the talc Raymond mill has seven advantages that other talc grinding mill cannot do.

talc Raymond mill
1. All the main parts of talc Raymond mill adopt high quality steel, the resistant parts use high-performance proof materials, so the whole system has high wear resistance and reliable performance. The blade frame of the main machine keeps in touch with the materials , it is consisted of the upper part and lower part, when the lower part is worn down, just take down the bolts to exchange it .


2. The whole talc Raymond mill is of spatial structure, less premise and systemic strong. The whole system from roughing, transportation, powder collecting to packaging forms a independent production system.


3. Even granularity, sieving rate 99%, which is unapproachable for other mills.


4. The driving device applies enclosed gear box and belt pulley, so the transmission is calm and the operation is reliable.


5. Centralized controlling of the electrical system, unmanned operation , easy maintenance.


6. Adopting electronic vibrating feeder, it can feed evenly and is easy to adjust, features miniature size, light in weight, power saving and easy maintenance.


7. Less dust pollution, low noise.


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